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Polyurea / Polyuretanes and Coatings. USA is a subsidiary company of Polycoat USA which is the world’s leading manufacturer of polyureas, polyurethanes and epoxies for the coating industry worldwide. products and services can be sourced in many different countries across the world. If any applicator in the coatings industries or potential customers come across the name of or POLYCOAT USA product line, they can be guaranteed that they are being supplied with the highest quality of coatings.

End users can be guaranteed that the material is formulated from the highest quality raw materials. The materials are blended in the purpose built manufacturing plant in Texas in the USA, by a team of dedicated scientists who make it their mission to keep ahead of the field in terms of researching new refinements and new formulas.

This means customers have the unique advantage of being able to have coatings blended to their specific needs – for example if they need a slow reacting polyurea or a very fast reacting coating. will work with customers so that their need s are met. Customers will be provided with the compatible primers and surface preparation materials and products. also produce and blend a full range of epoxy primers, slow and fast drying. Also surface preparation materials like acids and crack and joint fillers.

Polyurea was originally developed to protect tabletop edges which led to the development of two-component polyurethane and polyurea spray elastomers. Its fast reactivity and relative moisture insensitivity made it useful for coatings on large surface area projects, such as secondary containment, manhole and tunnel coatings, tank liners, and truck bed liners. Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel is obtained with the proper primer and surface treatment. They can also be used for spray molding and armor.[1] Some polyureas reach strengths of 6000psi (40MPa) tensile and over 500% elongation making it a tough coating. The quick cure time allows many coats to be built up quickly.

In 2014 a polyurea elastomer-based material was shown to be self-healing, melding together after being cut in half, without the addition of catalysts or other chemicals. The material also includes inexpensive commercially available compounds. The elastomer molecules were tweaked, making the bonds between them longer. The resulting molecules are easier to pull apart from one another and better able to rebond at room temperature with almost the same strength. The rebonding can be repeated. Stretchy, self-healing paints and other coatings recently took a step closer to common use, thanks to research being conducted at the University of Illinois. Scientists there have used “off-the-shelf” components to create a polymer that melds back together after being cut in half, without the addition of catalysts or other chemicals.

Polyurea has become a preferred long term solution for narrow boats. The traditional coating with bitumen, known as “blacking” is being replaced with application of polyurea coatings. The clearest advantage is that it is not necessary to reapply a coat every 3–4 years. It is thought that polyurea coatings last 25–30 years. Polyureas are longterm solutions to everyday problem that occur daily in the almost every industry. Coating can be used in nearly every application or any type of manufacturing. If it is a case of preventing corrosion, water containment, moisture surpressant, waterproofing, chemical resistance, industrial flooring or roofing, then has the solution.