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The Tiniest Gap In An Exposed External Surface

There are few certainties in life – but everyone can name “the big two” – death and taxes.
However another certainty is if there’s even the tiniest gap in an exposed external surface, water will find it.
And the corollary to that particular law is that if you have a flat roof, over time, you will find yourself having to deal with leaks.
Sure, a leaking flat roof can be fixed – but a leak in a flat roof is often only the start of the general disintegration of the waterproof surface.
That’s because traditionally, the finish applied to flat roofs in this country was a pitch mixture, and gradually, water, hail and ice take their toll on it leading to cracks, tears, jags, and eventually strips will flap and then peel away completely.
The real cost may ultimately not be that of repairing the roof – but of replacing or repairing items stored below that may have been affected by the damp.
Happily, a new product provides a hassle-free solution that waterproofs and weatherproofs flat roofs – a polyurea aspartic substance that is supplied by, the Irish offshoot of a US firm.
Imported directly from the parent company which developed it, tested it, refined, improved and retested it, this polyaspartic roofing solution from is applied over just a matter of hours.
When the job is being undertaken, there’s no need to move out; there’s no upheaval and the drying time is so fast that you’ll be left wondering why you delayed so long.
The result is a smooth finish that can be supplied in a choice of colours – either to match your existing exterior colour scheme, or if you wish, you may prefer to opt for a zing with a vibrant shade from the extensive colour palette.
The application method used means complete coverage, and any nicks or holes in the existing surface will be filled smoothly by the polyaspartic formulation.
The bond is firm, and the adhesion means that whatever leaks there were will be closed over and sealed under a durable liner that is impervious to water and completely resistant to the vagaries of the weather. It won’t bubble, fray or tear. It won’t corrode, it won’t crack and it won’t warp.  The sort of problems associated with other flat roof finishes just don’t arise  when a polyaspartic  or polyurea formulation is applied as the roof covering.
This sealant product is a guaranteed way of fixing leaks in flat roofs; it is a failsafe way of waterproofing your home and providing a shield against the worst of weather. It is long-lasting and cost-effective and provides great peace of mind.
Happily, if you are opting to go for a polyaspartic or polyurea spray-finish applied to counter the existence of a leak, you don’t have to identify where the leak actually is, as this is not a spot-repair solution.
Unlike other systems, there is no trial and error process, in terms of tracing a leak, fixing it and waiting to ensure the fix has actually worked.
What the process involves is removal of all damaged roof covering before preparation of the surface in readiness for the polyaspartic covering. What the operators from the team of technicians then do is provide an entire new seal over the full area of the roof.  That’s your guarantee of a water-tight seal.
Naturally, the team take into consideration the issue of moisture and the need to allow the exit of any moisture build-up that may have occurred and thus a venting system can be used to stave off any potential problems in this area.