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Impermax Liquid Pond Liner


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Impermax – is the “Rolls Royce “ of Pond Lining with a BBA (British Board of Agrement Certificate) independently assessing its life expectancy of 20 years and it satisfies the Health criteria for water intended for human consumption, according to European Directive 98/83/CE.

  • Impermax liquid applied pond liner system is a fast curing, semi thixotropic, liquid waterproofing membrane which cures to form a seamless waterproof coating which is 2mm thick – and is in fact more than twice the thickness of all the other liners such as- PVC, EPDM and BUTYL.
  • Impermax is the only waterproofing membrane used for ponds and swimming pools and roofs to have the full BBA Certification. The BBA is an independent certification authority ( British Board of Agreement ) and the testing proves the Life Expectancy of 25 Years.
  • DRINKING WATER CERTIFICATION – (KOI FISH SAFE) Impermax Aqua Liquid Rubber is the only high performance waterproofing material which has both a BBA Certification— ( 25 year Product Warranty ) and is certified according to EEC Directive 98/83/CE, and which can be used in Direct contact with drinking water for human consumption.
  • Fantastic Colour Choice – Impermax Aqua QC is available in standard colour of Dark Grey and Black. However we can also supply Impermax Aqua in “British racing colour Green” and Turquoise – subject to minimum volume requirements.