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Seamless Waterproofing

waterproofing a pitched roof is a company at the forefront of the seamless waterproofing industry worldwide.

In Ireland and the UK and mainland Europe, can offer a specific team of very experienced applicators who have vast experience of many different types of waterproofing solutions.

Did you know waterproofing typically makes up between 3 – 5% of the total project spend but is responsible for more that 25% of problems post construction?

That is why all commercial projects require the complex knowledge and experience to provide the most suitable solution. adds significant value to the waterproofing industry with our 25 years’ experience and watertight relationships with major suppliers. has an option of hand-applied or spray-applied, we assist our clients specify the right membrane system in any given environment and remain within your budget.

Our market leading application methods protect contents underneath or within, as well as protecting structural integrity. We have got what’s required to protect structures from moisture and harsh environments to sustain the integrity of the structure, and our product range embraces the requirements of both new and existing concrete structures.

Our concrete waterproofing services includes the application of seamless spray-applied polyurea membranes, Effective waterproofing systems rely on exacting application. If not done correctly problems can occur with non adherence to the substrate leading to leakage and corrosion. Don’t take this risk so consult the experts!

The system has been further developed over the last 25 years for use in the waterproofing industry for basement waterproofing, tanking, reservoir lining, roof and deck waterproof finishes, concrete and steel protection, tank lining, and bund lining. is fast curing, which allows for quick installation even at very low temperatures, and is water insensitive. creates a high quality, waterproof elastic sprayed membrane which has many advantages over traditional waterproofing systems. It is very cost-effective when compared to conventional solvent-based products. Polyurea can be cold hand applied or  hot spray applied. When the coating has been sprayed, it can take foot traffic after 10 seconds and light vehicular traffic after a few hours. coatings and linings are a Polyurea based, high end, seamless, elastomeric, which have exceptional mechanical properties and chemical resistance and durability.

  • Fast curing, being able to take foot traffic in seconds and vehicular traffic in hours.
  • Strong with high mechanical and abrasion resistance.
  • High elasticity, allowing movement without leaking.
  • 100% Waterproof membrane.
  • Waterproof
  • High chemical resistance suitable for oils, petrol, acids and many other liquid chemicals.
  • Fast hardening, allowing rapid application and minimal downtime.
  • Very good adhesion on both concrete and metals, even when damp.
  • Vertical and horizontal application using spray application.
  • Hydrophobic and therefore unaffected by damp substrates when creating non-bonded waterproof liners.
  • Can be sprayed at temperatures as low as -30° C with minimal effect on tack free time.
  • Can be built up to any thickness in one application including vertical and overhead applications.
  • The cured elastomer has a high thermal stability with constant working temperatures up to 130° C and intermittent temperatures up to 160

Podium Deck.

  • Roofing Waterproof membrane.
  • External Type A Waterproofing.
  • Parking deck waterproof membrane.
  • Bridge decks membrane.
  • Water retaining pond lining Linings and other uses.
  • Internal tank lining and protection.
  • Waterproof floor coatings including nonslip flooring for commercial and industrial premises.
  • Chemical resistant coating for tank lining and bund lining.
  • Retention pond lining.
  • Swimming Pool lining.
  • Encapsulation of hazardous materials such as asbestos.