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Seamless Waterproofing Using Polyurea on Flat Roofs

polyeura roof coating

Rooftop waterproofing is basic for structural support. Rooftops are not simply visual features of the home; they also provide the security from weather and other environmental conditions. Regardless of whether they are flat or round, each rooftop structure has a need of waterproofing to save it from adverse weather effects.

At we offer a wide range of Polyurea Waterproof Coatings for Roofs and Decks, Bund Linings, and Pond Liners etc. The Polyurea waterproofing started back in the late 1990′s when a researcher Dudley Primeaux, who was working with Texaco at the time, found a quick set covering which we call POLYUREA today.

Polyurea items have made some amazing progress since their beginning. At first, the treatment time was just two or three seconds which made the hardware and additionally the applications constrained. The primary uses for Polyurea came in the auto business. It was utilized to make “skins” for dashboards, and doors by applying the quick set item into open molds. As the Polyurea innovation propelled, the item and gear turned out to be more controllable and the treatment times were eased back to build the value of this imaginative product. Now you can use this product to waterproof anything and best utilization of Polyurea is on flat roofs.

Instant Waterproofing of Roofs:

Spray based waterproofing is turning into the most satisfactory method for providing a waterproof rooftop covering that is exceptionally sturdy and economical.

We are the top rated providers of Polyurea waterproofing which can be used on any kind of rooftop surface including Asphalt, Asbestos, Timber, Concrete, Metal. Our waterproofing of roofs is a one of a kind framework, which can be utilized viably for a range of utilization including cellars, rooftops, green rooftops etc.

What we offer is a consistent waterproof layer that can be both spray and hand applied by our expert agents. As it requires no wools, it guarantees a quick yet completely fixed waterproof layer. There are no joins or creases, it is a one of a kind service which gives 1,100% flexibility with more than 95% retention, taking into account even needless rooftop development.

With there is no necessity to strip old material first as it can be connected on most substrates including felt, black-top, timber, concrete, uneven asbestos, metal and every kind of sheets for both pitched and level rooftop establishments. Our services for waterproofing are perfect for a rooftop requiring rust counteractive action and is utilized successfully to guarantee asbestos epitome. It truly is the perfect solution for any kind rooftop waterproofing.

Advantages of Utilizing Waterproofing by means of Polyurea on Flat Roofs:

  • Completely applicable to any material

  • Cures in seconds.

  • No unpredictable natural aggravate, no VOC

  • Ecologically friendly in nature

  • Ozone and UV safe

  • High firmness

  • High adaptability

  • Range of colors accessible

  • Can be utilized as both a defensive and enhancing looks

  • Financially savvy

  • Reliable solution for waterproofing

So what are you waiting for? Why not call us right away or write us to get your Seamless Waterproofing Using Polyurea on Flat Roofs.