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Protect Against Damp And Water With Polyurea And Polyurethane Products

For the owner of any building, a prime concern is security – against crime, and against water or damp.
We don’t claim to be able to secure any place against crime – but in the battle to keep water out, we’re your top general. supplies a range of solutions – using the latest technology to apply polyurea and polyurethane products that bond to surfaces to form a lining that is completely impervious to water.
Whether you need a top-down or bottom-up solution, the waterproofing technologies from are the answer to your problems.
Applied using a state-of-the-art spray-on system, the linings are impermeable, seam-free,  join-free and maintenance-free.
Tested in gruelling conditions over many decades in the US, they have proven their worth and the product developed there, and now supplied in this country by, is the sealing material of choice among experts in a wide range of fields.
From agriculture to aquaculture, construction to engineering, and in the sports and leisure fields – anywhere where water containment or damp-proofing is an issue – polyurea and polyurethane spray liners give peace of mind.
Fast to apply, quick to dry, these spray coatings can go on flat roofs, small apex roofs (garden sheds, carports, toolsheds, workshops).
The lining sprays can also be applied to floors and walls – and because they are spray-on, there is no gap between floor and wall.
This makes the application of a polyurethane or polyurea lining an excellent choice in high traffic areas – such as passageways, corridors or meeting halls a super solution.
As there is the peace of mind that comes from it being a non-slip flooring finish, it is the ideal material to coat the surfaces and walls in environments where safety is crucial, such as in changing rooms, and access areas around swimming pools, sports venues and so on.
Hygiene is a key consideration in every field, and this is an easy-clean answer. That is why some of this country’s top food producers and laboratories – including those operating strict clean room environments – have had crews in from to bring their facilities up to scratch.

The ease of maintenance has also led many of the most progressive farmers operating in this country today to choose from the range of product assortments.  They especially like the ease of cleaning, since a good hose down with a strong jet of water is good enough – in an agricultural setting – to restore a polyurea or polyurethane finish to its original appearance.
With livestock, this is an obvious advantage.  However, apart from areas to which livestock pass or even have longer-term access, there are other uses, such as in storage areas, particularly for the storage of powdered or granular feeds, which need to be kept dry.
The range has been especially popular among stud farmers, horse breeders and trainers and staff generally in the equine sector, and is ideal in care settings, food or medicine prep areas – and of course in tackrooms.
An aspect of the catalogue of products is that the liner can be applied in various thicknesses, depending  on the level of durability and how much heavy wear is likely in the target area.
Not just that, but there is great choice in the colour ranges available – great for demarcation of areas; great for coordination with surrounding materials or finishes; and a great way of remaining true to your company’s branding themes.
A hugely popular application for the range of products in the US, is as spray-on truck-bed liners. They provide a neat, clean, durable and visually satisfying means of protecting the bed of a truck from the damage that can result from haulage of tools, materials and equipment loose in the truck.
They are also used to give a protective finish to equipment that is outside a lot – and indeed, it has been used to great effect on the furniture of children’s outdoor playgrounds.
If you have a need, has the means to satisfy that need.