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Polyurea Or Polyurethane Coating Sprayed On

There are work environments where dirt is just a fact of life – some manufacturing operations, agricultural settings, abattoirs, automotive workshops to cite a few such examples.
In such settings, the range of spray-on surface coverings supplied by are a recognised means of ensuring that owners or operators can keep their premises in the best order possible – the perfect blend of utility and practicality.
Naturally, it goes without saying that no matter what the environment dirt must be kept in check, for hygiene reasons, for health reasons, for safety reasons and indeed, even for aesthetic reasons.
Hence, needed are surfaces that protect the structure, but that are easy to clean; that remain wear and tear resistant, and that continue to look good.
Tile might seem an obvious solution – and it can be in some settings, but with tile there’s the danger of slipping, the danger that the ceramic may chip or even crack – thereby allowing water seep through, and facilitating a potential dampness problem.
A further complication can be the growth of algae and mould in the grout.
Far more effective is an polyurea or polyurethane coating, sprayed on, protecting against damp, corrosion, abrasion; durable enough to act as a floor covering in settings where the traffic includes vehicular movements; resistant to chemicals and to temperature alterations.
It requires no maintenance – and cleaning can be achieved by a concentrated jet of water, or, where there is more stubborn build up, a brief scrubbing from a stiff-bristled brushl
A feature of polyurethane or polyurea finishes is durability: they don’t wear down, snag or erode. These are a solution that will guarantee years of use and guarantee peace of mind. offers among its range of offerings a top-grade polyaspartic polyurea covering. The downtime is minimal as this cures at a phenomenal rate, and areas where this coating has been applied can revert to active use pretty much immediately.
The product gives an even, bubble-free, seam-free, stain-resistant finish, and it can be applied in low-temperature environments.
Crucial is the need to ensure the preparation is meticulously formulated, to ensure an effective adhesive bond is formed between the substance and the structure. has been a brand leader in this country for well over a decade, and its product has been developed and tested in a state-of-the-art development facility operated by the parent company in the US.
For different circumstances and different demands, there are variations in the product specification and has a team of experienced and highly-skilled technicians who are capable of assessing what particular product will best meet the requirements of a particular customer.
There is some serious science at play when the team arrive on site to begin the application process.
There are precise combination keys to be pursued in formulating the solution, depending on the job requirements and the surroundings, including external factors such as moisture and temperature levels.
The application equipment has been specially developed to factor in the vagaries of the products in the polyurea and polyurethane families – the most challenging of which is the rapid curing time, and the technicians need to be expert at their job to ensure correct application at the required pace and to the required thickness.
For the customer, that represents a guarantee of quality, safety, longevity and reliability.