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Leaks In Your Home

There can  be few words that strike fear into the heart of a property owner as much as: “I have a leak”.

Water seeping through the ceiling, water seeping through walls, or damp rising through the floor or up the foundation layers are problems that don’t fix themselves: they require immediate action and failsafe solutions.

A first consideration is cost – and with that comes the question of whether your insurance will cover the cost of repairs, and an assessment of how expensive it will be to fix the leak.  Many policies actually specifically rule out cover for leaks and water damage. Others use loopholes to wriggle out of their obligations.

However, how much easier if, in the first place, the building was properly constructed, the walls impermeable, moisture management at optimum level, heat transfer a process that brings no quirks such as condensation.

Arriving at a state of “impermeability” requires sound planning and construction techniques – and a solid architectural or engineering plan.

All very fine if you’re starting from the ground up – but how do you head off any issues in an existing building? For example, are there steps you can take to make a floor waterproof? Are there effective ways of keeping a building dry? Is there an ultimate solution?

As it happens, there are solutions, and among the weapons you can use in the war against unwanted water is the range of spray-on elastomers  on offer from

By choosing from the line of products, you can protect your home, protect your buildings generally, and give yourself peace of mind into the bargain. offers a range of tested and proven finishes and linings, all scientifically developed, scrupulously tested, and certified to the highest standards.

The team at believe in using only the highest-grade materials, and in having staff of the highest calibre who are committed to providing a quality service.

The solutions offered by come in the form of a range of durable sealants. Depending on the job in hand, the Ultimate Lining technicians will recommend a suitable product from their collection of polyurea, polyurethane or epoxy finishes.

Opting to avail of a spray-on lining product from is a quality solution, a tried and tested way of keeping water, dampness, and other liquids out – or indeed, keeping them in as the case may be (these spray-on linings are also a highly effective way of waterproofing tanks and containers from the inside out). don’t believe in shortcuts; they don’t believe in cutting corners. Ultimate’s mantra is: “Do it right – right from the start”.

The “gains” that can come from skimping on a job are quickly lost if conditions really test or strain the workmanship and materials, and so Ultimate insists on strenuous and rigorous monitoring throughout, to ensure the quality of the materials is top-grade, and that the application is carried out exactly as prescribed.

That’s why its products are the finish of choice for so many building professionals who want a quality-assured, tested and certified product, guaranteed as a reliable, durable, stable solution to the enduring issue of waterproofing.

The best way of staving off issues with water egress – in whatever form that may be – is to anticipate the problem at the beginning of a project. Make haste slowly: it’s better to take the time to examine possible problem scenarios and to thus have the time to put solutions in place so these problems never have the chance to actually materialise.

Talk to; outline your plan, detail your intended activities, spell out your fears, tell them your requirements, and ask them to come up with a recommendation that will cover all your needs.

It’s far better to do it this way than to find yourself in the future pleading for mercy from an insurance company who wriggles out of what you believe to be its obligations by telling you you should  have read the small print.