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Keeping Your Home Waterproof

For something so precious to life, water can do unbelievable damage. We have all seen tv footage showing the devastation floods wreak – houses flooded, cars floating, animals stranded.
That’s all extreme weather devastation – but it doesn’t take extreme weather to cause extreme damage: a simple leak can lead to a problem that can cause untold headaches. offers a solution to the nightmare of leaks; a way of dealing with damp; a means of keeping your home waterproof.
If you have difficulty in making your building waterproof, of worry that you may have to deal with damp or fix a leak, it’s worth chatting with a member of the technical staff at, who will explain the range of polyurethane, polyureas and silicons, as well as the “hybrid” mixes that suit certain specific needs.
The firm, based in Ireland for over a decade now, uses a sophisticated spray-on lining solution which has many applications. It can provide a watertight seal to flat roofs or balconies; it can coat walls and floors in areas such as sports clubs or swimming pools – anywhere where there is a lot of “wet traffic”.
Of vital importance is the fact that the finish is non-slip.
For truck beds, it provides a protective coating that is good to look at and easy to clean. In the US, it’s become the norm to have new truck beds treated with a spray-on liner, which keeps the truck leak-free, and free from rust. It also provides a bit of resistance, helping to stop items rocking and rolling around the truck bed – and, of course, it cuts down on noise.
Outdoor equipment, such as furniture, play devices, and even some elements of machinery, can also have its life prolonged through the application of an appropriate coating.
The linings and coatings that supply those with waterproofing requirements are durable, long-lasting, maintenance-free, reliable and scientifically backed.
Developed and modified as relevant discoveries and developments are made in the polymers and elastomers field, these spray-on coats are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.
Skilled operators use state of the art equipment to protect your property. Just one application is all that is required, and that’s the job done for decades.  Because of the nature of the product, the operators focus on getting it sprayed quickly – and because it’s a spray, they can turn their applicator hoses in all directions and get into crevices and cracks and gaps, ensuring you can have complete confidence and total peace of mind.
As the products are sprayed, there are no seams or joins to worry about. That means there are no weak points that might be susceptible to leaks or that might, over time, become jagged or fray.
That simply doesn’t happen with coatings.
The extensive range of products supplied by provide a secure solution, a sound way of protecting what’s precious to you, a certified way of safeguarding expensive equipment and keeping machinery free from rust.
With a team you can trust, and experience in a wide variety of situations and settings, offers ultimate solutions for your needs, especially if those needs involve protection from the elements and from water in particular.