If Your Valuable Horse Kicks A Wall, Soften The Impact With A Polyurea Coating

If you own or run a horse stable you probably know how it feels like to have you horse kick the wall and fear of horse getting injured. We can imagine your worry and providing you an exclusive solution for your problem at www.ultimatelinings.ie. If your valuable horse kicks a wall, soften the impact with a polyurea coating, so they won’t break their legs. Soften the impact is only possible with polyurea coating. Traditional ways of softening the walls include putting foam pads on it but it cannot make it safe for your horse. Traditional ways offer a short time safety and these foams worn out over time. Traditional ways for padding the walls are also not water proof and when you try to clean the walls you can damage the material and it may worn out.

Polyurea coating can provide a water proof and soft coating for your horse stables. If your horse kicks it will be safe from injury. We can help you soften the impact with a polyurea coating and these coatings are also weather and heat resistant. Our polyurea coatings are suitable for every kind of weather and use. You can not only use these coatings for walls but you can also use it for floors and rooftops. Using polyurea coating can secure your stable and horse training areas. Our services are exclusive for horse and animal farms. We provide the safety your animals needs while training and treatment.

In case you are running a medical facility for horses you must get your walls safe by soften the impact with a polyurea coating. Horses incline to kick when are they are being treated and if you get your walls soften you can save your horses from getting injured in the process. Only polyurea can offer you the safety you need as this material is germ and infection free yet it can endure high and low temperatures. Polyurea also makes it easy to clean the stable areas as you can use water and clean it without any need of special chemicals.

With all the features you can imagine for the perfect material on walls these polyurea coatings makes your walls and areas around stable soft too. Soften the areas or floors can provide the extra layer of security you need for your precious animals. Nobody can deny how important it is to soften the impact with a polyurea coating. We are always considerate about our customers and their needs and we do not restrict our services for only soften the walls. You can get our services for every kind of surface you need protection for. Our protective coatings via polyurea services are available throughout the country and intentionally too. Our aim is to provide more secure and safe stables while providing the best in market services of polyurea coatings.

If you are looking for anything else besides soften the impact with a polyurea coating you can contact our customer support as we are always ready and available to help you. Do not wait anymore and give us a call today for exclusive services of polyurea coatings.


Why Not Ask Us To Quote For Your Polyurea Needs?

For quite a long time, customary materials, for example, paint, epoxy, fiberglass and vinyl esters have all been utilized to work as different kinds of defensive coating applications. Ultimatelinings can provide you the best in kind services of all kinds of polyurea coating. Your polyurea needs will be fulfilled with highly innovative and advanced technology we use.

Polyurea needs:

Polyurea coating isn’t new. Truth be told, it has been near and being used for very nearly three decades now. Polyurea is more up to date and further developed than these customary coating frameworks, and offers numerous favorable circumstances.

What are the most widely recognized utilizations for polyurea coatings?

Polyurea needs are mostly described as defensive covers over steel or solid substrates, because of the strong security they offer against consumption and the worn out area protection. Different utilizations for polyurea coatings incorporate sealing and joint filling, because of its quick set nature, amazing toughness, and remarkable extension qualities.

What does polyurea mean?

Since the expression “polyurea coatings” is being utilized so as often as possible in the business at the present time, numerous individuals have the misguided finding that it alludes to one particular kind of coating or an arrangement of coating. That is not the situation. Rather, “polyurea” depicts the particular innovation used to make the amazing polymers that give polyurea coatings their unimaginable scope of attributes.

By what means should polyurea be connected?

Polyurea can be planned to have a wide range of attributes and to satisfy a wide range of requirements. To some degree as a result of these contrasting formulae and to some degree since application techniques will change contingent upon the prerequisites of the purchaser, there are a few methodologies for applying polyurea coatings. Preferably, polyurea coatings ought to be applied by our experts at Ultimatelinings for the particular needs and necessities the customer has for the coating being referred to. Our experts would then be able to figure the right blend, get the particular shower hardware important for the sort of utilization arranged, and set up the surface to which the coating will be connected in accordance with our customer’s solicitations.

Benefits of Polyurea Coatings:

Benefits of polyurea coating are enough to make it best material for coating as it provides best physical properties. It can likewise be coated over a wide range of substrates (solid, metals, wood and the sky is the limit from there) in an extensive variety of temperature and humidity conditions.

Polyurea coating have a quick set nature as it cure time is seconds. It can easily restore a work area for use speedier than customary coatings, enabling the proprietor to return the office being used without days or long stretches of income losing down-time. Down time for upkeep and coatings on water tanks, waste water clarifiers, parking structures and stockpiling tanks costs the businessman a lot of cash since these regions must be removed from service while different coatings are connected and drying.

Most modern use of polyurea is based on spray application, so it is quick to apply and precisely proportioned and blended. This application style considers basically any amount of thickness to be connected in one or many layers. Extra qualities of polyurea coating, for example, slip safe added substances and colored surfaces can likewise be merged, UV stable colors can be accomplished, and even NSF consumable water endorsed frameworks are additionally conceivable with polyurea coating. waterproof.ie is the only market leader of polyurea coating services and you can quote us any time for your polyurea needs.

Leaks In Your Home

There can  be few words that strike fear into the heart of a property owner as much as: “I have a leak”.

Water seeping through the ceiling, water seeping through walls, or damp rising through the floor or up the foundation layers are problems that don’t fix themselves: they require immediate action and failsafe solutions.

A first consideration is cost – and with that comes the question of whether your insurance will cover the cost of repairs, and an assessment of how expensive it will be to fix the leak.  Many policies actually specifically rule out cover for leaks and water damage. Others use loopholes to wriggle out of their obligations.

However, how much easier if, in the first place, the building was properly constructed, the walls impermeable, moisture management at optimum level, heat transfer a process that brings no quirks such as condensation.

Arriving at a state of “impermeability” requires sound planning and construction techniques – and a solid architectural or engineering plan.

All very fine if you’re starting from the ground up – but how do you head off any issues in an existing building? For example, are there steps you can take to make a floor waterproof? Are there effective ways of keeping a building dry? Is there an ultimate solution?

As it happens, there are solutions, and among the weapons you can use in the war against unwanted water is the range of spray-on elastomers  on offer from Waterproof.ie.

By choosing from the Waterproof.ie line of products, you can protect your home, protect your buildings generally, and give yourself peace of mind into the bargain.

Waterproof.ie offers a range of tested and proven finishes and linings, all scientifically developed, scrupulously tested, and certified to the highest standards.

The team at Waterproof.ie believe in using only the highest-grade materials, and in having staff of the highest calibre who are committed to providing a quality service.

The solutions offered by Waterproof.ie come in the form of a range of durable sealants. Depending on the job in hand, the Ultimate Lining technicians will recommend a suitable product from their collection of polyurea, polyurethane or epoxy finishes.

Opting to avail of a spray-on lining product from Waterproof.ie is a quality solution, a tried and tested way of keeping water, dampness, and other liquids out – or indeed, keeping them in as the case may be (these spray-on linings are also a highly effective way of waterproofing tanks and containers from the inside out).

Waterproof.ie don’t believe in shortcuts; they don’t believe in cutting corners. Ultimate’s mantra is: “Do it right – right from the start”.

The “gains” that can come from skimping on a job are quickly lost if conditions really test or strain the workmanship and materials, and so Ultimate insists on strenuous and rigorous monitoring throughout, to ensure the quality of the materials is top-grade, and that the application is carried out exactly as prescribed.

That’s why its products are the finish of choice for so many building professionals who want a quality-assured, tested and certified product, guaranteed as a reliable, durable, stable solution to the enduring issue of waterproofing.

The best way of staving off issues with water egress – in whatever form that may be – is to anticipate the problem at the beginning of a project. Make haste slowly: it’s better to take the time to examine possible problem scenarios and to thus have the time to put solutions in place so these problems never have the chance to actually materialise.

Talk to Waterproof.ie; outline your plan, detail your intended activities, spell out your fears, tell them your requirements, and ask them to come up with a recommendation that will cover all your needs.

It’s far better to do it this way than to find yourself in the future pleading for mercy from an insurance company who wriggles out of what you believe to be its obligations by telling you you should  have read the small print.

Keeping Your Home Waterproof

For something so precious to life, water can do unbelievable damage. We have all seen tv footage showing the devastation floods wreak – houses flooded, cars floating, animals stranded.
That’s all extreme weather devastation – but it doesn’t take extreme weather to cause extreme damage: a simple leak can lead to a problem that can cause untold headaches.
Waterproof.ie offers a solution to the nightmare of leaks; a way of dealing with damp; a means of keeping your home waterproof.
If you have difficulty in making your building waterproof, of worry that you may have to deal with damp or fix a leak, it’s worth chatting with a member of the technical staff at Waterproof.ie, who will explain the range of polyurethane, polyureas and silicons, as well as the “hybrid” mixes that suit certain specific needs.
The firm, based in Ireland for over a decade now, uses a sophisticated spray-on lining solution which has many applications. It can provide a watertight seal to flat roofs or balconies; it can coat walls and floors in areas such as sports clubs or swimming pools – anywhere where there is a lot of “wet traffic”.
Of vital importance is the fact that the finish is non-slip.
For truck beds, it provides a protective coating that is good to look at and easy to clean. In the US, it’s become the norm to have new truck beds treated with a spray-on liner, which keeps the truck leak-free, and free from rust. It also provides a bit of resistance, helping to stop items rocking and rolling around the truck bed – and, of course, it cuts down on noise.
Outdoor equipment, such as furniture, play devices, and even some elements of machinery, can also have its life prolonged through the application of an appropriate coating.
The linings and coatings that Waterproof.ie supply those with waterproofing requirements are durable, long-lasting, maintenance-free, reliable and scientifically backed.
Developed and modified as relevant discoveries and developments are made in the polymers and elastomers field, these spray-on coats are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.
Skilled operators use state of the art equipment to protect your property. Just one application is all that is required, and that’s the job done for decades.  Because of the nature of the product, the operators focus on getting it sprayed quickly – and because it’s a spray, they can turn their applicator hoses in all directions and get into crevices and cracks and gaps, ensuring you can have complete confidence and total peace of mind.
As the products are sprayed, there are no seams or joins to worry about. That means there are no weak points that might be susceptible to leaks or that might, over time, become jagged or fray.
That simply doesn’t happen with Waterproof.ie coatings.
The extensive range of products supplied by Waterproof.ie provide a secure solution, a sound way of protecting what’s precious to you, a certified way of safeguarding expensive equipment and keeping machinery free from rust.
With a team you can trust, and experience in a wide variety of situations and settings, Waterproof.ie offers ultimate solutions for your needs, especially if those needs involve protection from the elements and from water in particular.

Protect Against Damp And Water With Polyurea And Polyurethane Products

For the owner of any building, a prime concern is security – against crime, and against water or damp.
We don’t claim to be able to secure any place against crime – but in the battle to keep water out, we’re your top general.
Waterproof.ie supplies a range of solutions – using the latest technology to apply polyurea and polyurethane products that bond to surfaces to form a lining that is completely impervious to water.
Whether you need a top-down or bottom-up solution, the waterproofing technologies from Waterproof.ie are the answer to your problems.
Applied using a state-of-the-art spray-on system, the linings are impermeable, seam-free,  join-free and maintenance-free.
Tested in gruelling conditions over many decades in the US, they have proven their worth and the product developed there, and now supplied in this country by Waterproof.ie, is the sealing material of choice among experts in a wide range of fields.
From agriculture to aquaculture, construction to engineering, and in the sports and leisure fields – anywhere where water containment or damp-proofing is an issue – polyurea and polyurethane spray liners give peace of mind.
Fast to apply, quick to dry, these spray coatings can go on flat roofs, small apex roofs (garden sheds, carports, toolsheds, workshops).
The lining sprays can also be applied to floors and walls – and because they are spray-on, there is no gap between floor and wall.
This makes the application of a polyurethane or polyurea lining an excellent choice in high traffic areas – such as passageways, corridors or meeting halls a super solution.
As there is the peace of mind that comes from it being a non-slip flooring finish, it is the ideal material to coat the surfaces and walls in environments where safety is crucial, such as in changing rooms, and access areas around swimming pools, sports venues and so on.
Hygiene is a key consideration in every field, and this is an easy-clean answer. That is why some of this country’s top food producers and laboratories – including those operating strict clean room environments – have had crews in from Waterproof.ie to bring their facilities up to scratch.

The ease of maintenance has also led many of the most progressive farmers operating in this country today to choose from the Waterproof.ie range of product assortments.  They especially like the ease of cleaning, since a good hose down with a strong jet of water is good enough – in an agricultural setting – to restore a polyurea or polyurethane finish to its original appearance.
With livestock, this is an obvious advantage.  However, apart from areas to which livestock pass or even have longer-term access, there are other uses, such as in storage areas, particularly for the storage of powdered or granular feeds, which need to be kept dry.
The Waterproof.ie range has been especially popular among stud farmers, horse breeders and trainers and staff generally in the equine sector, and is ideal in care settings, food or medicine prep areas – and of course in tackrooms.
An aspect of the Waterproof.ie catalogue of products is that the liner can be applied in various thicknesses, depending  on the level of durability and how much heavy wear is likely in the target area.
Not just that, but there is great choice in the colour ranges available – great for demarcation of areas; great for coordination with surrounding materials or finishes; and a great way of remaining true to your company’s branding themes.
A hugely popular application for the Waterproof.ie range of products in the US, is as spray-on truck-bed liners. They provide a neat, clean, durable and visually satisfying means of protecting the bed of a truck from the damage that can result from haulage of tools, materials and equipment loose in the truck.
They are also used to give a protective finish to equipment that is outside a lot – and indeed, it has been used to great effect on the furniture of children’s outdoor playgrounds.
If you have a need, Waterproof.ie has the means to satisfy that need.

A Sealant That Will Stand The Test Of Time

The best way of saving money is by not spending it – or at least keeping spending to a minimum – and a really good way of keeping spending to a minimum is by taking care of what you have.
Prolonging the life of equipment is a sound investment.
It’s also a good strategy when it comes to your machinery and motors – which is where Waterproof.ie comes into the picture.
Suppliers of a premium spray-on range of protective polyurea and polyurethane coatings and sealants, Waterproof.ie is leader in its field.
Its catalogue of offerings comprises a host of solutions for safeguarding equipment, machinery and buildings against damp and fungal growths or moulds, and, of course, in the case of metal elements, protection against rust.
Developed in the US and refined over several decades as the science developed and as the application mechanism was fine-tuned, the products available from Waterproof.ie have been tried and tested in the toughest of conditions – and triumphed.
That’s why the Utimate team can stand over their product – 100 per cent.
Their commitment and vision is matched by that of their technicians, trained in the effective and efficient application of these spray-on coatings in an exact and timely fashion.
What that means is minimal downtime: the application time is fast; the drying time is fast. Many jobs – even where the target area is large – will be completed in just a matter of hours.
The method of application sees a rapid-fire spray of vaporised product onto the surface to be sealed.
The product bonds to the planes of the object, adhering evenly to even the oddest of angles and edges, sealing all nooks and crannies and providing a bonded, seam-free, join-free finish, impervious to water.
With the assurance and comfort of knowing that the Waterproof.ie product is waterproof, curiosity all leads to the question of what exactly the product is.
The answer is that the product is what you need: more precisely, the product applied depends on the purpose of the structure or item; it depends on the demands that will be placed on it; it depends on the degree of rigidity versus “give” that is required; the thickness; the condition of the surface. It also depends on the atmospheric conditions prevailing in the location targeted for treatment. There’s also the question of whether the area to be protected is inside or outside.
In some circumstances, a polyurethane substance will be the appropriate choice. It’s the substance with the longest “heritage” and polyurethane-based applications are a solid, reliable and durable response.  Where a smooth surface is required, this is a likely choice.
The newer choice is polyurea, which offers the same sort of secure, reliable waterproof coverage, but which cures faster. It provides a top-grade barrier against corrosion and erosion, and is impressively abarasion-resistant.
However, a  particular feature associated with polyurea based finishes is their extremely rapid curing time, meaning that the technician applying the substance must really know what they are doing, and there are jobs for which the speed of curing makes polyureas unsuited.
The crew at Waterproof.ie factor in all aspects of a job before determining which type of system to use. There is much to be considered from a technical viewpoint, before assessing which of the elastomers is suitable given the conditions and demands.
Time spent choosing wisely brings a long term payback in terms of the security and protection provided, and through the savings in maintenance and upkeep.

Polyurea Or Polyurethane Coating Sprayed On

There are work environments where dirt is just a fact of life – some manufacturing operations, agricultural settings, abattoirs, automotive workshops to cite a few such examples.
In such settings, the range of spray-on surface coverings supplied by Waterproof.ie are a recognised means of ensuring that owners or operators can keep their premises in the best order possible – the perfect blend of utility and practicality.
Naturally, it goes without saying that no matter what the environment dirt must be kept in check, for hygiene reasons, for health reasons, for safety reasons and indeed, even for aesthetic reasons.
Hence, needed are surfaces that protect the structure, but that are easy to clean; that remain wear and tear resistant, and that continue to look good.
Tile might seem an obvious solution – and it can be in some settings, but with tile there’s the danger of slipping, the danger that the ceramic may chip or even crack – thereby allowing water seep through, and facilitating a potential dampness problem.
A further complication can be the growth of algae and mould in the grout.
Far more effective is an polyurea or polyurethane coating, sprayed on, protecting against damp, corrosion, abrasion; durable enough to act as a floor covering in settings where the traffic includes vehicular movements; resistant to chemicals and to temperature alterations.
It requires no maintenance – and cleaning can be achieved by a concentrated jet of water, or, where there is more stubborn build up, a brief scrubbing from a stiff-bristled brushl
A feature of polyurethane or polyurea finishes is durability: they don’t wear down, snag or erode. These are a solution that will guarantee years of use and guarantee peace of mind.
Waterproof.ie offers among its range of offerings a top-grade polyaspartic polyurea covering. The downtime is minimal as this cures at a phenomenal rate, and areas where this coating has been applied can revert to active use pretty much immediately.
The product gives an even, bubble-free, seam-free, stain-resistant finish, and it can be applied in low-temperature environments.
Crucial is the need to ensure the preparation is meticulously formulated, to ensure an effective adhesive bond is formed between the substance and the structure.
Waterproof.ie has been a brand leader in this country for well over a decade, and its product has been developed and tested in a state-of-the-art development facility operated by the parent company in the US.
For different circumstances and different demands, there are variations in the product specification and Waterproof.ie has a team of experienced and highly-skilled technicians who are capable of assessing what particular product will best meet the requirements of a particular customer.
There is some serious science at play when the team arrive on site to begin the application process.
There are precise combination keys to be pursued in formulating the solution, depending on the job requirements and the surroundings, including external factors such as moisture and temperature levels.
The application equipment has been specially developed to factor in the vagaries of the products in the polyurea and polyurethane families – the most challenging of which is the rapid curing time, and the technicians need to be expert at their job to ensure correct application at the required pace and to the required thickness.
For the customer, that represents a guarantee of quality, safety, longevity and reliability.

The Tiniest Gap In An Exposed External Surface

There are few certainties in life – but everyone can name “the big two” – death and taxes.
However another certainty is if there’s even the tiniest gap in an exposed external surface, water will find it.
And the corollary to that particular law is that if you have a flat roof, over time, you will find yourself having to deal with leaks.
Sure, a leaking flat roof can be fixed – but a leak in a flat roof is often only the start of the general disintegration of the waterproof surface.
That’s because traditionally, the finish applied to flat roofs in this country was a pitch mixture, and gradually, water, hail and ice take their toll on it leading to cracks, tears, jags, and eventually strips will flap and then peel away completely.
The real cost may ultimately not be that of repairing the roof – but of replacing or repairing items stored below that may have been affected by the damp.
Happily, a new product provides a hassle-free solution that waterproofs and weatherproofs flat roofs – a polyurea aspartic substance that is supplied by Waterproof.ie, the Irish offshoot of a US firm.
Imported directly from the parent company which developed it, tested it, refined, improved and retested it, this polyaspartic roofing solution from Waterproof.ie is applied over just a matter of hours.
When the job is being undertaken, there’s no need to move out; there’s no upheaval and the drying time is so fast that you’ll be left wondering why you delayed so long.
The result is a smooth finish that can be supplied in a choice of colours – either to match your existing exterior colour scheme, or if you wish, you may prefer to opt for a zing with a vibrant shade from the extensive Waterproof.ie colour palette.
The application method used means complete coverage, and any nicks or holes in the existing surface will be filled smoothly by the polyaspartic formulation.
The bond is firm, and the adhesion means that whatever leaks there were will be closed over and sealed under a durable liner that is impervious to water and completely resistant to the vagaries of the weather. It won’t bubble, fray or tear. It won’t corrode, it won’t crack and it won’t warp.  The sort of problems associated with other flat roof finishes just don’t arise  when a polyaspartic  or polyurea formulation is applied as the roof covering.
This Waterproof.ie sealant product is a guaranteed way of fixing leaks in flat roofs; it is a failsafe way of waterproofing your home and providing a shield against the worst of weather. It is long-lasting and cost-effective and provides great peace of mind.
Happily, if you are opting to go for a polyaspartic or polyurea spray-finish applied to counter the existence of a leak, you don’t have to identify where the leak actually is, as this is not a spot-repair solution.
Unlike other systems, there is no trial and error process, in terms of tracing a leak, fixing it and waiting to ensure the fix has actually worked.
What the Waterproof.ie process involves is removal of all damaged roof covering before preparation of the surface in readiness for the polyaspartic covering. What the operators from the Waterproof.ie team of technicians then do is provide an entire new seal over the full area of the roof.  That’s your guarantee of a water-tight seal.
Naturally, the team take into consideration the issue of moisture and the need to allow the exit of any moisture build-up that may have occurred and thus a venting system can be used to stave off any potential problems in this area.

Polyaspartic Covering Ideal For Warehouse And Factory Waterproofing Requirements

In business, keeping costs down isn’t just about the obvious – such as watching input costs, wage commitments, utility usage.
It’s also about thinking long term; planning ahead; being strategic.
That’s why it’s not always a good idea to put off jobs or investments that you are going to have to face into ultimately, such as maintenance of buildings.
That’s especially the case where you are engaged in a process that must be measured against compliance standards, such as in manufacturing – and even more so, in food production.
Compliance protocols can be extremely rigorous in many fields, and two areas in which there is stringent regulation are in terms of safety and in terms of hygiene.
A nightmare scenario for any firm trying to stay ahead of the game is discovery of any sort of leak.
Quite apart from the sheer inconvenience, it can affect or threaten the integrity of the manufacturing process.
Furthermore, it can damage materials, it can ruin stock – and a sudden downpour through a leaky ceiling could decimate the entire computer network on which your firm relies.
A scare story?  Yes – but also a very feasible scenario, which is why it is vital not to put off dealing with leaks if they are discovered.
One reason one might be tempted not to deal with an issue, or tempted to go with a stopgap solution is out of fear that production might have to stop while repairs are carried out.
Opting for a spray-on waterproofing solution should remove this concern. This is a rapid-fire solution that works. It causes minimal disruption and offers maximum protection.
The Irish firm Waterproof.ie has for over a decade dominated the marketplace in Ireland with its range of polyaspartic roof and floor coverings.
A polyurea-based product, polyaspartic coating gives a complete peace-of-mind solution, since it provides a seamless waterproof sealed “cap” to a roof, and the size of the roof is immaterial since this is not a product that comes pre-cut or pre-sized.
The special formulation is in liquid form, and is applied using high-pressure spraying technology.  That gives a seam-free finish, with no joins even where walls and flat surfaces meet.  The chemical make-up is such that the product forms a strong adhesive bond with the substrate – and remarkably, it performs equally well regardless of what that substrate is – concrete, wood, steel, EPS foam, fibreglass – even fabric.
One aspect of this technology that above all others requires that the application process be undertaken by skilled technicians is the remarkably fast curing time – a matter of minutes.
That’s why it is crucial that the technician understands the product, and the best method of achieving that state of overall impermeability.
While polyaspartics share much in common with polyurethane coatings (also supplied by Waterproof.ie) it is a more modern development, offering greater versatility, and it is applied in a single pass, thus making it extremely cost-effective suitable in situations where time is a factor.
The polyaspartic option isn’t restricted to outdoor settings, and you would be hard pressed to find a more effective finish for interior walls and floors. It’s a hard-wearing, maintenance-free surface that is abrasion resistant, oil resistant and indeed resistant to most chemicals.
An advantage to its use in interior settings is that it is durable and resilient enough to act as a barrier membrane even when there is traffic from motorised machinery, such as forklifts and mechanised delivery machines.
In the early days of aspartic use, much research went into the bonding process, and Waterproof.ie’ researches and testing processes are grounded in solid laboratory experimentation and development, conducted by scientists and chemical engineering specialists at the firm’s parent company in the US.
As extremes are more a feature of US weather patterns than those that prevail in this country, the parent firm has tested its products for extreme weather conditions – both far-reaching low temperatures and full-on solar focus.
That sort of rigorous testing and development is an assurance that a spray-on polyurea aspartic finish can more than withstand the vagaries of the climate in this country, and it is also suitable for chilled areas in interior settings.
Assessing what type of polyaspartic solution is best suited to your needs is done through assessment of the site and the condition of the current surfaces by Waterproof.ie.
The firm also determines what degree of preparation is required before the substance can be applied – for example, stripping away of any frayed or damaged legacy covering; and consideration of any venting requirements.
This is a speedy solution – and in today’s fast-moving world, that’s always good to know!

Polyurea / Polyuretanes and Coatings.

Waterproof.ie USA is a subsidiary company of Polycoat USA which is the world’s leading manufacturer of polyureas, polyurethanes and epoxies for the coating industry worldwide. Waterproof.ie products and services can be sourced in many different countries across the world. If any applicator in the coatings industries or potential customers come across the name of Waterproof.ie or POLYCOAT USA product line, they can be guaranteed that they are being supplied with the highest quality of coatings.

End users can be guaranteed that the Waterproof.ie material is formulated from the highest quality raw materials. The materials are blended in the purpose built manufacturing plant in Texas in the USA, by a team of dedicated scientists who make it their mission to keep ahead of the field in terms of researching new refinements and new formulas.

This means customers have the unique advantage of being able to have coatings blended to their specific needs – for example if they need a slow reacting polyurea or a very fast reacting coating. Waterproof.ie will work with customers so that their need s are met. Customers will be provided with the compatible primers and surface preparation materials and products. Waterproof.ie also produce and blend a full range of epoxy primers, slow and fast drying. Also surface preparation materials like acids and crack and joint fillers.

Polyurea was originally developed to protect tabletop edges which led to the development of two-component polyurethane and polyurea spray elastomers. Its fast reactivity and relative moisture insensitivity made it useful for coatings on large surface area projects, such as secondary containment, manhole and tunnel coatings, tank liners, and truck bed liners. Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel is obtained with the proper primer and surface treatment. They can also be used for spray molding and armor.[1] Some polyureas reach strengths of 6000psi (40MPa) tensile and over 500% elongation making it a tough coating. The quick cure time allows many coats to be built up quickly.

In 2014 a polyurea elastomer-based material was shown to be self-healing, melding together after being cut in half, without the addition of catalysts or other chemicals. The material also includes inexpensive commercially available compounds. The elastomer molecules were tweaked, making the bonds between them longer. The resulting molecules are easier to pull apart from one another and better able to rebond at room temperature with almost the same strength. The rebonding can be repeated. Stretchy, self-healing paints and other coatings recently took a step closer to common use, thanks to research being conducted at the University of Illinois. Scientists there have used “off-the-shelf” components to create a polymer that melds back together after being cut in half, without the addition of catalysts or other chemicals.

Polyurea has become a preferred long term solution for narrow boats. The traditional coating with bitumen, known as “blacking” is being replaced with application of polyurea coatings. The clearest advantage is that it is not necessary to reapply a coat every 3–4 years. It is thought that polyurea coatings last 25–30 years. Waterproof.ie Polyureas are longterm solutions to everyday problem that occur daily in the almost every industry. Waterproof.ie Coating can be used in nearly every application or any type of manufacturing. If it is a case of preventing corrosion, water containment, moisture surpressant, waterproofing, chemical resistance, industrial flooring or roofing, then Waterproof.ie has the solution.