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The advantages of Spray on Membranes V’s Torch on Felt

Spray on waterproofing solutions have proven to be the most effective waterproofing method used in the industry in recent years. Developments in the equipment to apply the membrane that hardens in seconds together with developments in the liquid material that allows it to be sprayed on in higher humidity environments has meant the waterproofing industry has had to stand up and take notice as it is set to becomes the number one choice for waterproofing in Europe.

Its main advantage is that its seamless – No joints have meant there is less points of weak areas for water ingress. The additional fact vast areas can be coated in a short period of times means the project finishes on time and the client has his building back in ship shape, totally watertight.

The most popular are Silicons, Polyurea’s and Polyurethanes and hybrids of these.  The silicon usually proves to be the most cost effective but is also the least durable so will be idea for areas where no traffic, wither foot or vehicle is expected and it has some possible weaknesses v’d the stronger more durable Polyurea and Polyurethane but these are often offset by the huge cost savings that can be expected.

Spray finish waterproofing means all the nooks and crannies are easily sealed, simply spray the coating into the areas and the applicator can ensure no areas are missed and all the up stands are coated and there is a seamless waterproof layer on the entire roof, balcony, walkway.

Traditional methods such as torch on felt still have there place but the spray applicators have proven to be more effective in the long run. No joints have meant the likelihood of a weakness in the membrane is reduced so that the entire roof has a beginning and a end but not huge arrays of joints all welded tight, a single mistake on felt can mean a leak and water damage to the building.  The spray on has no such weakness and when coated with a UV top coat it protects the membrane against the effects of sunlight for years to some.

The most popular and cost effective Roofing Polyurea’s are made by a USA based company who have multiple patents and long term history of producing quality products and have experience qualified applicators in Ireland.  The spray on membrane systems either Polyurea or Polyurethane will always  have a  insurance backed and has long warranty and the spray on systems can be used as standalone or be applied directly on top of spray foam insulation. Every project is different and a consultation with one of the engineers is always the best way to get guidance on what will suit a particular project. For advice on the spray on membrane please upload in details here and a qualified engineer will give you a email or call if you prefer..