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A Sealant That Will Stand The Test Of Time

The best way of saving money is by not spending it – or at least keeping spending to a minimum – and a really good way of keeping spending to a minimum is by taking care of what you have.
Prolonging the life of equipment is a sound investment.
It’s also a good strategy when it comes to your machinery and motors – which is where comes into the picture.
Suppliers of a premium spray-on range of protective polyurea and polyurethane coatings and sealants, is leader in its field.
Its catalogue of offerings comprises a host of solutions for safeguarding equipment, machinery and buildings against damp and fungal growths or moulds, and, of course, in the case of metal elements, protection against rust.
Developed in the US and refined over several decades as the science developed and as the application mechanism was fine-tuned, the products available from have been tried and tested in the toughest of conditions – and triumphed.
That’s why the Utimate team can stand over their product – 100 per cent.
Their commitment and vision is matched by that of their technicians, trained in the effective and efficient application of these spray-on coatings in an exact and timely fashion.
What that means is minimal downtime: the application time is fast; the drying time is fast. Many jobs – even where the target area is large – will be completed in just a matter of hours.
The method of application sees a rapid-fire spray of vaporised product onto the surface to be sealed.
The product bonds to the planes of the object, adhering evenly to even the oddest of angles and edges, sealing all nooks and crannies and providing a bonded, seam-free, join-free finish, impervious to water.
With the assurance and comfort of knowing that the product is waterproof, curiosity all leads to the question of what exactly the product is.
The answer is that the product is what you need: more precisely, the product applied depends on the purpose of the structure or item; it depends on the demands that will be placed on it; it depends on the degree of rigidity versus “give” that is required; the thickness; the condition of the surface. It also depends on the atmospheric conditions prevailing in the location targeted for treatment. There’s also the question of whether the area to be protected is inside or outside.
In some circumstances, a polyurethane substance will be the appropriate choice. It’s the substance with the longest “heritage” and polyurethane-based applications are a solid, reliable and durable response.  Where a smooth surface is required, this is a likely choice.
The newer choice is polyurea, which offers the same sort of secure, reliable waterproof coverage, but which cures faster. It provides a top-grade barrier against corrosion and erosion, and is impressively abarasion-resistant.
However, a  particular feature associated with polyurea based finishes is their extremely rapid curing time, meaning that the technician applying the substance must really know what they are doing, and there are jobs for which the speed of curing makes polyureas unsuited.
The crew at factor in all aspects of a job before determining which type of system to use. There is much to be considered from a technical viewpoint, before assessing which of the elastomers is suitable given the conditions and demands.
Time spent choosing wisely brings a long term payback in terms of the security and protection provided, and through the savings in maintenance and upkeep.