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Our Lining range of superior protective linings extends to superior waterproofing linings. Spray applied and seamless a waterproofing membrane totally eliminates potential weaknesses associated with other joined membrane products. Add to this the ability to bond to virtually any surface and the ability to transcend multiple substrates the possibilities are endless. From box gutters and roofing to decking and pools, from primary containment tanks to potable water storage, has the solution. is a solvent-free, environmentally friendly product with no VOC’s or CFC’s. Available in any colour, provides a thick layer of protection even under temperature extremes.

Containment Lining has superior containment treatments for acids, fuels, chemicals, and leached solutions.’ ability to flex and expand with thermal expansion and contraction make it the ideal lining for any petrochemical containment or transport facility. When it comes to primary containment, provide an impermeable barrier against adverse chemistries such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and condensates. For secondary containment, our 100% solids formulations will contain any spill, breach, or overflow year after year in the harshest weather. We are proud that our linings meet the EPA’s rigid secondary containment regulations set forth by SPCC Title 40, Part 112, and CAFO Title 40, Part 412.

  • From box gutters and roofing to decking and pools, from primary containment tanks to potable water storage, has the solution.

  •’s Lining is an excellent lining for busy walkways and Rest rooms floors and walls. Its waterproofing seal, sound insulation and corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance make it the best option for long term reliability. Sprayed on the roofing system clings to every corner and every shaped surface is totally sealed watertight and guaranteed. Flat roofs have survived the worlds toughest climates for over 25 years worldwide. Balconies can be finished with a non slip attractive colour an all in the one process saving time and money. You don’t have to remove your old roof. can spray over any ashfelt or other roof, once your roof decking and joists are sound. This saves you money and saves down time for you and your company.

  • protects against attack from acids, fuels, chemicals, and leached solutions like no other industrial coating or lining. can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any substrate, including all types of steel and fiberglass. ability to flex with thermal expansion and contraction makes it the ideal lining for virtually any primary containment application.

  • Form rust and corrosion-free surfaces through impermeable air and watertight surfaces Don’t rip, split or break, because they are made of permanently elastic polyurethane Provide perfect protection for edges, corners, and in-between spaces as the result of precise application by the spraying process Increase slide resistance, thus eliminating the need to laboriously tie down cargo, Extremely heat-resistant, Distinguished by a good long-lasting appearance

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