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Our Lining range of superior protective linings extends to superior waterproofing linings. Spray applied and seamless a waterproofing membrane totally eliminates potential weaknesses associated with other joined membrane products. Add to this the ability to bond to virtually any surface and the ability to transcend multiple substrates the possibilities are endless. From box gutters and roofing to decking and pools, from primary containment tanks to potable water storage, has the solution. is a solvent-free, environmentally friendly product with no VOC’s or CFC’s. Available in any colour, provides a thick layer of protection even under temperature extremes.

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The resilient Waterproof Coating is being specified on more and more fleets due to the extreme properties of the Waterproof Coating that include impact and abrasion resistance, hard wearing, water-proof, scratch resistance, universal fit, large range of colours and much more.

Waterproof has its advantages from an applicators point of view:

Waterproof is great to work with as it is a spray applied product which is touch dry in 3-5 seconds without the need for a heated booth or oven, which makes Waterproof applications quick and adaptable, allowing a fast return to service for any vehicle.

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