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Floors, Walls, Flat Roof & Balconies

Waterproof.ie’s Lining is an excellent lining for busy walkways and Rest rooms floors and walls. Its waterproofing seal, sound insulation and corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance make it the best option for long term reliability. Sprayed on the Waterproof.ie roofing system clings to every corner and every shaped surface is totally sealed watertight and guaranteed.

Waterproof.ie Flat roofs have survived the worlds toughest climates for over 25 years worldwide. Balconies can be finished with a non slip attractive colour an all in the one process saving time and money. You don’t have to remove your old roof.

Technical Expertise

Waterproof.ie can spray over any ashfelt or other roof, once your roof decking and joists are sound. This saves you money and saves down time for you and your company.

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